Adhesive Nose Pads for Plastic Glasses ….
They bend, they flex, and they are oh... so… comfortable!

Who needs them? While most metal frame glasses use conventional nose pads that screw, push, or slide into a frame, most plastic eyeglass frames and glasses without nose pads use adhesive nose pads, also commonly referred to as stick on nose pads.  Adhesive nose pads bend and flex so that they conform to the shape of the plastic frame.

Use of adhesive silicone nose pads and foam nose pad replacements is an inexpensive way to keep eyeglasses clean, fresh, and comfortable.

Better than bare!
  Without the use of soft cushioning stick on nose pads for plastic frames, the direct physical contact of a hard plastic eyeglass frame on the nose often causes …. well …. Ouch!!

Stick on nose pads provide a soft cushioning effect and often eliminate or reduce pressure marks that may appear on the skin due to skin contact with bare plastic.  It is simple and quick to add nose pads to plastic frames.

Adhesive Nose Pads, Stick On Nose Pads for
Glasses, Sunglasses, & Eyeglasses
Any color you want (well … almost)! Silicone adhesive nose pads for plastic frames are available in either clear or solid black, while foam stick-on nose pads are available in either dark chocolate or pink colors.  Clear stick on nose pads may be used on virtually any color frame, while black nose pads are often used with plastic eyeglass frames and sunglasses that are dark in color.

What's in it (for me)?
  Adhesive stick on nose pads for eyeglasses are made of a soft material such as foam or silicone which has a thin layer of adhesive on its underside.  This sticky back side adheres to a non-stick cardboard or other flexible material that keeps the nose pads fresh until they are ready to use.

In the case of black stick on nose pads, high quality silicone nose pads have the black color throughout the entire nose piece; both inside and on all surfaces of the black silicone nose pads.  Such high quality silicone nose pads stick are manufactured with only black silicone versus lower quality nose pads which may have black pigment or material painted onto the surface of an otherwise non-black nose pad.  The color of completely black adhesive nose pads does not "wear off" as it may when a black coating is painted onto the surface of a clear silicone nose pad as may be found on cheap nose pads or cheap adhesive stick on nose pads.

Similarly, high quality clear silicone nose pads are manufactured with only a transparent silicone base material resulting in clear nose pads as the final product.

The Age Old Question ….. Silicone or Foam?
  Silicone adhesive pads and foam eyeglass pads each have certain advantages over each other.

Although silicone stick on nose pads generally last longer and are more resistant to moisture, sweat, and skin oils than foam stick on adhesive nose pads, foam self adhesive nose pads have a more fluffier, cushiony, and pillow like feel than silicone.

The most important factor of whether to use stick-on silicone adhesive nose pads for eyeglasses or foam peel off replacement nose pads for glasses is usually which type provides the most comfort, and this is typically determined by experimentation with both types of nosepads.

Where To Buy?
  A low cost, no minimum order, minimal fee flat-shipping-charge glasses nose pad replacement supplier of adhesive nose pads is They sell over 100 different types of high quality industry recognized Optipad® adhesive nose pads as well as conventional screw-in, push-on, and slide-on nose pads.

Each replacement nose pad from this discount supplier has a "SPECS" link which connects to a specification sheet that illustrates the shape, length, and width of each nose pad so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.  Additional information regarding the nose pad material composition, common equivalent nose pad names, and other details is also provided.

Be Prepared!
Before applying stick on silicone nose pads or foam pads to an eye glass or sunglass frame surface, the frame surface should be cleaned of any moisture, sweat, oils, make-up, soap, moisturizers, residue from previous adhesive nose pads, etc.  In other words, this area should be as squeaky clean as possible to help ensure that the adhesive backing of the nose pad makes a clean bond with the underlying frame. A clean frame surface extends the bonding life of stick on replacement adhesive nose pads.
Easy On:
  When peeling off self adhesive nose pads from its non-stick paper-like backing, some people use a tweezers to avoid transferring skin oils from their fingers onto the adhesive backing.  The stick on pads are then simply placed in the bridge area of the glasses frame whereby a slight pressure bonds the nose pads to the frame.

Easy Off! 
Stick on nose pads for plastic glasses are popular since they can usually be peeled off of a glasses frame with just a slight finger motion. No optical tools, fancy hardware, or trip to your local optical dispenser is typically required.

The Longevity Of The Matter:
Both silicone stick-on nose pads and foam adhesive nose pads degrade after some time and need periodic replacement.  There are many factors that are related to the length of time between eyeglasses nose pads replacements.

Silicone nose pad cushions for eyeglasses tend to repel water and skin oils and help prevent moisture from degrading the adhesive that bonds the nose pads to the eyeglass frame; whereas, foam based adhesive nose pads generally degrade more readily with water, moisture, and natural skin oils which causes the foam and underlying adhesive to degrade more quickly than silicone adhesive pads.

The life cycle of a stick on nose pad varies greatly from one wearer to the next.  The differences in nose pad environmental exposure as well as exposure to substances on the skin greatly determine the overall wearing time for the adhesive nose pad.  Equally important is the quality of bond between the adhesive pad and the plastic eyeglasses frame.

The Shape of The Situation: 
Self adhesive nose pads for sunglasses and spectacles are available in both symmetrical and D-shapes.  Symmetric shape glasses nose pads enable both the left and right nose pads to be perfectly interchangeable with each other since each side uses the same shape.  The common "teardrop" shape is one form of symmetric shape. 

"D" shaped adhesive glasses nose pads for plastic frames are simply nose pads that resemble a capital letter "D".  This type of nose pad is an example of asymmetrical eyewear nose pads since the shape of a right nose pad is the mirror image of the left nose pad, and hence, a left "D" shaped nose pad is not interchangeable with a right "D" shaped nose pad. 

Sunglass nose pads and nose pads used with dress wear prescription eye glasses use various shapes of stick on adhesive pads depending on the frame contours, shape, and size.  Plastic frames with nose pads of the adhesive type are extremely common which explains why there is such a large variety of adhesive nose pads. 

How Do They Size Up?
Yes, replacement adhesive nose pads have sizes just like any other optical part.  The size of a stick on nose pad is often represented by one number that corresponds to its length.  In the optical world, almost all measurements are in the metric system; therefore, the size of adhesive pads is provided in millimeters (mm).  Fortunately, most rulers that use the English system (ie., inches and feet) of measurement on one side usually have the metric system on the other side.

Typically, adhesive nose pads such as a silicone nose pads, often misspelled as silicon nose pads, range in size from 5mm to 19mm in length.

If your sunglasses nose pads or prescription glasses nose pad supplier provides both a length AND width figure, then you are ahead of the game as you have a more accurate idea of their offerings and how compatible their eyeglass silicone nose pads or foam nose pads will be with your spectacles or sun glasses.  Even better is when the adhesive nose pads for plastic frames supplier provides a pictorial diagram of their nose pads along with the length and width of their pads.

Have A Spare?
Wearers of plastic glasses generally keep extra self stick nose pads on hand to replace worn or otherwise non-hygienic nose pads that have become degraded with time and use.  Whether at the office, home, vacation, or traveling, an extra pair or two of stick-on eye glass nose pads may ensure continued wearing comfort for your sunglasses, reading glasses, or eyeglasses.

Sensitive Are You? 
While silicone stick on nose pads for glasses are sometimes considered more hypoallergenic than foam based stick on adhesive pads, different people have different sensitivities to different materials such that no type of nose piece or press-on nose pads for glasses is hypoallergenic to all people.

Alias! Also Known As:
Foam and self adhesive silicone nose pads stick on for eyeglasses may also be commonly referred to as, soft pads, slip on nose pads, cheap nose pads, slide nose pads, disposable nose pads, anti-slip nose pads, no slip nose pads, or slip resistant nose pads.  A replacement nose pad for sunglasses and eyeglasses is a common eyeglass repair part and over the years many terms for the same eyeglass nose pad have evolved.

Will It Slip? 
Wearers of eyeglass frames without nose pads look for eyeglass nose pads adhesive to stop their glasses from slipping down their nose.   Actually, whether a glasses frame slips or not, and to what degree it may slip depends on more than just the proper glasses frame and type of adhesive nose pads for glasses nose piece type used, it also depends on the correct adjustment of proper fitting eyewear on the face.

Nosey About More Nose Pad Knowledge?
The Nose Pads Buyer's Guide at
www.NosePads.Com is an excellent resource for all types of replacement eyeglass nose pads ranging from replaceable adhesive silicone nose pads for glasses, foam nose pads, stick adhesive nose pads, to eyeglass parts nose pads for cheap glasses as well as compatible pads for higher end Ray-Ban®, Bolle®, Maui-Jim®, and Oakley® fine eyewear.  This site provides both an illustrated nose pad buyer's tutorial as well as a discount nose pads on-line store at

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